​Locally owned and operated mobile ice cream trailer.  Serving Broadway, Timberville, Mt. Jackson and surrounding areas.  Follow us on Facebook for updates. 



Have an event?  We will come to your Birthday Party, sports Practice, Bar-B-Que, Car Show, Church Function, and even your Day Care.  Call us to schedule.



165 Shenandoah Ave Timberville VA 22853 US

Lickety Split Ice Cream Truck started with the idea to recapture the memories of the old neighborhood ice cream trucks.  Owned and Operate by Chris and Bonnie Messina

As we played in the streets on that hot summer day, hearing the music from so far away. 

We ran to our house to beg mom for a dollar, listening to the rest of the kids scream and holler.

The truck turned the corner, the colors so bright, the line started to form without a fight.

Decisions, decisions as the truck came down the street, which to pick that would be just our treat.

To the front of the line, I’m finally there, I make my selection without a care.

I tear open the wrapper, can’t wait to taste, I shoveled it in without any haste.

Till the next week when our dreams come true, come stand in the line and you can have some too.

​Summer Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

​The beautiful Ms. Bonnie ready to serve her customers on the first routes of 2017!

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​We are stocked up and ready to do some routes for the 2018 season.  Find us on your street, see you at the curb!!!!!!

Your little ice cream truck has really made some changes since the first Sunday in August of 2016 to our second season!  Thank you to all our customers for your continued support of Lickety Split Ice Cream Truck!!!!